Our quality

For us, fresh ingredients, our own growers, and strict quality controls are essential. That’s because only the highest quality ingredients can create the pure APOSTELS taste.

Taste comes from quality

Our raw materials

We rely explicitly on fresh ingredients from our own growers and our own production facility. Our products are based on our homemade yoghurt, produced according to the original Greek recipe. We obtain the milk we need for this from local farmers. The cucumbers in our ZAZIKI are grown on the company’s own plantations in Spain. The garlic we use also comes from these same plantations. It is prepared using a gentle process, which makes it easy to digest. We also use high quality, extra virgin olive oil from Mani, one of Greece’s finest olive oil regions.

One thing’s clear

No compromises

We place the highest demands on the quality of our raw materials and, of course, also on our finished products – we make no compromises. We don’t use any unnecessary ingredients. One thing’s clear: At APOSTELS, we know exactly what is in our products. Only this way can we support our customers in a balanced diet and conscientious lifestyle.

A promise of quality from gastronomy

For satisfied customers

Our roots lie in the restaurant business. The knowledge gained there is still tangible today at APOSTELS: In the restaurants the focus was always on the guest, because at the end of the day, the guest had to be satisfied and enjoy the food. The restaurant experience shaped a further insight too: For food to taste good, high quality individual ingredients are essential. Our customers appreciated this then, and still do now.

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