Quality and Freshness Are the Key Factors

Our health depends on what we eat. (Hippocrates around 2.500 years ago)

We set high standards for ourselves, our products and our employees. What Hippocrates of Kos, the most popular physician of ancient Greece, found out thousands of years ago is our daily motivation. Our target group are people who want to keep a healthy diet and lead responsible lives. At APOSTELS, quality and freshness of all ingredients remain the key factors.

  • Our tasty yoghurt products, produced in our own company, are allowed to mature for up to twelve hours.
  • Our zesty garlic, grown and harvested by a certified subsidiary in Spain, is cleaned on location and immediately processed into a paste.
  • Our crisp natural cucumbers, containing a very small core and very little water, are also sown and harvested at a company-owned plantation in Spain. Trained employees with attention to detail check the growing process and make sure that the plants prosper. We only use straight-grown cucumbers and check their quality by hand and machine repeatedly. They are processed gently, have a sweet, delicate taste and give the APOSTELS products, unpeeled and unseasoned, an especially fresh sensation.
  • In our in-house lab, samples are tested directly from the production several times per hour. Around the clock, our experts make sure that freshness and storage life of the complete APOSTELS selection can be guaranteed at all times.