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Our products are available in almost every super market in Germany. Our specialities make us the market leader in many sectors. Should APOSTELS products not be available near you, feel free to contact us.
Please use our contact form in the section Service & Contact under Supply Sources.

We are afraid that direct shipping of APOSTELS products is not possible. Our specialities are refrigerated products. The cold chain must not be broken – which cannot be provided by postal services.

All APOSTELS products are free of gluten and thus suitable for treatment of coeliac disease.

This question is especially important for pregnant women who are usually told to avoid the consumption of raw milk. APOSTELS products do not contain raw milk, but pasteurized whole milk. Detailed information regarding all ingredients and APOSTELS specialities can be found under the menu item product range.

Of course not. It is very important to us to make sure that all ingredients and primary products used for APOSTELS production are natural. The best example: our cucumbers and garlic are allowed to naturally mature in sunny Spain. In both cases we can guarantee you first-class quality and have direct control over their cultivation without any kind of genetic manipulation.

Originally packaged and well-chilled, the respective shelf lives of our products can be found on the packaging. We do not use preservatives and attach great importance to freshness. APOSTELS products should be completely consumed two to three days after opening the packaging.

Our tasty APOSTELS yoghurt is made in our own dairy in Garbsen near Hanover in a highly sophisticated process. Its exceptionally long period of maturing (up to twelve hours) provides the basis for the extremely creamy texture of our yoghurt. The computer-controlled piping system in our dairy ensures a perfect processing round-the-clock from milk delivery, blending and pasteurizing up to maturing and packaging of our yoghurt. Modern tanks, made from first-class stainless steel and absolutely fail-safe piping guarantee a worry-free production. As a Germany-based family business with high quality standards, it goes without saying that we will not outsource any of our production and will remain producing our products in Germany.

We stand for the greatest transparency possible and are happy to inform you which nutrients which APOSTELS product contains. Under the menu item product range, you can find our complete selection. There, each product is explained in detail and information about nutrients and ingredients is given.

Our cucumbers, which are grown, harvested, cleaned and processed under our own supervision, mature in Spain and are picked early. They are lean, small and have a sweet, smooth taste. The small core guarantees that our cucumbers, which are tested automatically and manually before processing, are especially crisp.

What applies to our cucumbers also is true for our garlic. A constantly supervised APOSTELS subsidiary in Spain guarantees cultivation and harvest. The garlic cloves are cleaned and processed into a paste which is freshly shipped to Garbsen near Hanover and is responsible for the special flavour of APOSTELS specialities.