Our Classic

APOSTELS Zaziki has always been and always will be our classic. For almost 30 years we have been producing this important part of the Greek cuisine. Its recipe is being constantly improved.

Our Zaziki consists exclusively of first class and home grown ingredients like fresh cucumbers, native olive oil extra as well as fresh garlic. The gentle treatment of the garlic makes APOSTELS Zaziki especially mild and digestible. Served chilled it is the perfect side order.

Especially tasty with:

  • bread
  • potatoes
  • fresh salad and vegetables
  • meat
  • boiled and baked potatoes

Average nutritional values per 100 g:
Energy value: 456 kJ / 109 kcal
Total fat: 6,6 g
- Saturated fat: 3,2 g
Total carbohydrate: 8,2 g
- Sugar: 4,5 g
Protein: 4,0 g
Salt: 1,0 g

Available as:
200-g cup
500-g cup
1-kg bowl (wholesale)
1-kg bucket (wholesale)
3-kg bucket (wholesale)
5-kg bucket (wholesale)