Great for Steaks and Potatoes

Our sour cream tastes especially good with steaks and potatoes or simply with fresh bread. It is also a quick way to create a great salad dressing.

Rich with herbs and native olive oil extra, APOSTELS sour cream tastes fresh and aromatic. It is also a valuable part of a healthy diet. As with all of our products we use high quality ingredients and gentle processing.

Especially tasty with:

  • steaks
  • salads
  • bread and potatoes
  • raw vegetables as dip

Average nutritional values per 100 g:
Energy value: 640 kJ / 154 kcal
Total fat: 10,8 g
- Saturated fat: 5,4 g
Total carbohydrate: 9,5 g
- Sugar: 5,5 g
Protein: 4,6 g
Salt: 0,8 g

Available as:
250-g cup
1-kg bucket (wholesale)
3-kg bucket (wholesale)
5-kg bucket (wholesale)